5. Why Courses & Coaching Cost the Downpayment on a House

Ever wonder why you gotta pay $1000-$5000 for courses? And $5,000-$30,000 for coaching programs, many of which are glorified courses?

It’s debt.

I’m being reductive but that’s the gist of it. The only reason gurus can get away with charging the downpayment on a house is that their customers will put the purchase on a credit card, praying they can pay it off. The customers are encouraged to do so. The sales process revolves around it.

Don’t have the money? The sales rep is gonna help you figure out how to get the money. By maxing out your credit cards, signing up for more credit cards, taking out some type of loan, or financing the purchase in-house. Gurus and salespeople justify this behaviour by saying if you’re in enough pain, if you’re hurting bad enough, you’ll do whatever it takes. And they’re absolutely convinced they can get you the outcome you’re looking for, conveniently leaving out their 15% success rate.

Now, I want you to let all that sink in for a second, because…

What the actual f***!

How is this okay? It must be a cultural thing. Because we Muslims say prayers to protect us from debt. So the idea of going into heavy debt is anathema to many of us. Not only that, but usury is haram, so many of us don’t use credit the way non-Muslims do. You want to know where inflation, recessions, financial crises, black swans and the like come from?

It’s debt.

The whole system is built on a house of cards. Not those premium WSOP cards. S***ty gas station convenience store cards. But lemme stop before I go all Alex Jones (who’s right way more than he’s wrong.) Because the point I’m making is this:

Without debt, gurus couldn’t be gurus. Because they couldn’t charge high-ticket. which gives them the margins to pay for closers and traffic. So they can spend $1,000+ to acquire a customer and still be profitable with a lead-to-sale conversion rate of 3%.

It’s a parasitic business model created to feed on a globohomo culture of extravagance and excess in the name of “living your best life,” where even self-improvement becomes a hedonic treadmill.

I’m trying to break the cycle

My brother once told me I have a gambler’s personality. He’s right. CopySkills™ is me check-raising all-in. And it’s going to be a spectacular success or a spectacular failure.

There is no coaching/mentorship program on the market for copywriters at this price point. I’m offering what the gurus are charging $500-$5000/month for.

There is no coaching/mentorship program for copywriters telling the story we’re telling. I’ve purpose-built CopySkills™ for people from the Global South. Some of them can’t get credit cards. Some of them can’t even use PayPal.

And even if you’re a Westerner, you’re most welcome. My promise is this. You’ll never have to deal with the anxiety of going into debt and praying your investment will pay off. And when it does pay off, you’ll get to keep 99.9% of the upside.

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