Darwisy Akmal – Our First Ever Winner

Darwisy Akmal is the first winner of our CopySkills™ “Bencivenga 100” Scholarship. Darwisy is a brand new copywriter – he only started a few months ago – who decided to take on this huge challenge. We sat down with Darwisy to talk about his epic accomplishment.

If you’re looking to a hire a disciplined, hard working copywriter, visit darwisyakmal.com.


  • 00:39 Proof of work
  • 02:21 Darwisy’s motivation to take on the challenge
  • 04:17 How long it took him to hand-copy 300,000 words
  • 07:16 Why Darwisy quit his job as a real estate agent to become a copywriter
  • 09:30 How Darwisy “learned” copywriting by hand-copying the letters
  • 13:00 How we’re going to help Darwisy turn this achievement into client work
  • 14:11 Why hand-copying is not fashionable even though the greats did it
  • 16:39 How to hire Darwisy if you need a copywriter
  • 16:55 Why it’s important to be a DOER not a TALKER
  • 19:22 How to win the CopySkills™ “Bencivenga 100” Scholarship and what you win when you finish